Our Services

High Precision Machining

Do you require +.0005/-.0000 tolerances or a 32 finish seal surface on a critical asset? Up against a deadline that requires varied quantities of intricate parts composed of a variety of exotic materials? Need a shop to say yes? Conroe Machine is able to accomplish these and many other needs our clients have for high precision machined parts. Let us put our well qualified machinists coupled with high precision machines to work for you!

Materials We Cut

We have the capabilities to cut a variety of materials. Here are just a few.
13-8 Inconel 718 Hyper Chrome 13 400 Series SST
17-4 (H/T) Aluminum Bronze MP35N 4330 V Mod
300 Series SST Inconel 925 4100 Series SST EN30b
8620 Plastics Beryllium Copper FJ30b
Nitronics 50 Aluminum 7075 Tough Met Non-Mag Stainless (P550)
Monel K500 Inconel 625 4340 Aluminum 6061

Hard Facing

Conroe Machine offers hard facing services for downhole drilling equipment or any application. This process provides superior wear properties over the substrate material. Hard Facing can be applied numerous ways (brazing, welding, laser etc) depending on the outcome desired for the finished product.


Conroe Machine has worked on several projects where not only welding and fabrication were required but DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3 certified assets were a necessary aspect of our customers demands. These are some of the most stringent and difficult fabrication requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Repair & Rework

The repair and rework of existing assets can allow our customers to extend the working life of critical and expensive existing assets. After a full compliment of inspections and testing to ensure the integrity of an existing part we are able to rework thread connections, repair ports and various other aspects of our customers parts.

Special Services

  • Engineering & Prototype Parts
    • We are able to produce engineering or prototype parts with little to no impact on our production demands while compiling information to provide the best possible application of our production capabilities for a subsequent manufacturing run for these assets.
  • Project Management
    • Our customers needs continue to go beyond needing just a machined part and we have the capacity and experience to help manage these situations. Producing turn key assets that have multiple unique levels like assembly, special coatings, special treatments, certified fabrication and/or managing certified manufacturing processes to deliver a critical subassembly to meet your overall needs. Conroe Machine will tackle any project for our customers!
  • Engineering & DFM Services
    • Our management staff experience allows for a unique opportunity to support our customers through engineering and design services coupled with our design for manufacturing expertise. Put us to work for you and allow our assets to become yours! To get more information on how we can help meet your company’s needs click on Contact Us.